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It is the VISION of FAITH CHURCH that each participant will:
1. Desire to grow spiritually in order to develop their personal relationship with God.
2. Develop and apply their personal knowledge, spiritual gifts and love for God to others.
3. Embrace the Great Commission: "Go; make Jesus known".

Our Purpose is "To Know Christ and To Make Him Known".
To Know Christ Jesus through:
1. The regular preaching and teaching of God's Word.
2. Regular Worship and prayer.
3. The Discipleship of participants.
4. The Fellowship of the believers.

To Make Christ Jesus Known through:
1. A positive personal witness to others by our words and deeds.
2. Maximizing every opportunity for outreach; locally and worldwide.
3. Equipping and empowering every participant to use their gifts.
4. Building relationships with non-believers for reconciliation with Jesus Christ.

Our Mission is to reconcile God's people locally and worldwide with Jesus Christ.